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ISAP Membership

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Ordinary Members

Any person interested in the objectives of the Society shall be granted Ordinary Membership upon application to the Treasurer/Secretary of the Society, to become effective following payment of the annual dues of AUD $35 per year or AUD $90 for 3 years.

Corporate Members

Corporate membership shall be granted to any company upon application to the Society through the Treasurer/Secretary, to become effective upon receipt of the annual dues of AUD $300 per year or AUD $800 for 3 years.

Student Members

A Student Member shall be a full time bona fide student, training with the object of qualifying in the field of applied phycology.  The maximum duration of student membership is five years, but it must be renewed annually accompanied by a letter from the student’s supervisor confirming the student status. Annual dues are AUD $20 or $AUD 40 for 3 years.

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